Collection: Retro Mid Century Modern Tabletop Accent Lamps

Have the retro style you love and enjoy beautiful accent lighting with our tabletop lamps.  Choose the style which makes you smile the it boho, mid century mod, the groovy 60's, or the funky patterns of the 1970's!

We offer two styles: the tripod and tall lamp.  Both styles offer the same 9 inch height lamp shade.  The tripod lamp sits lower and has a total height of 11 inches.  The tall table lamp has a total height of 20 inches. 

Almost all products are printed, hand sewn (if applicable) and shipped within the USA (with a few exceptions, which are mentioned in the product listing).


  • Please note that the colors on the actual products will look a little different than what appears on your screen. 
  • This is due to differences in the parameters of computer/mobile screens.
  • For the most part, we have found that the colors on the products are slightly lighter (but teal appears more blue)
  • Rest assured that we make every attempt to represent our products as accurately as possible!