About Us


Home decor doesn't have to be timid or unadventurous.

Scratch that.  Home decor should NEVER be boring, because home isn't a place...it's a feeling. Nobody wants their home to feel dull or lackluster.

You have the power to create an atmosphere at home that can spark creativity, inspiration and encourage self care and relaxation.  We can help you bring your home to life with fun designs that reflect your individuality!  

Our unique designs are lovingly created in house and in association with artists around the world.  When an order is placed, our production partners across the US get to work printing, sewing (if applicable) and shipping your order to you.  Each high quality product is made to order, specifically for you; which means it is not mass produced sitting in a warehouse.  With a few exceptions (which will be noted in the product description), our entire catalogue of products are printed and shipped in the USA.

Our vision is to design products that make you smile and inspire you to fully enjoy your day to day living; to give your home, that...feeling.

We are constantly looking for new ways to refresh your home, through new product offerings or fresh new designs.  To stay up to date on new products and collections arriving at our store, please sign up for our newsletter.

Stay groovy,